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Best Antidetect Browsers of 2024: A Guide to Enhanced Privacy

Antidetect browsers are an indispensable asset for individuals aiming to bolster their online privacy or manage an array of social media, e-commerce, or advertising accounts. The challenge lies in selecting the most suitable and reliable option from an array of available tools. This article demystifies the landscape and offers you a curated list of top Antidetect browsers of 2024.
In this article, we have done the research and present to you the top picks for Antidetect browsers.

Most popular use cases for Antidetect browsers


Antidetect browsers serve as a pivotal tool for entrepreneurs and businesses in the e-commerce realm. They facilitate the creation and management of multiple storefronts on platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart. This is particularly beneficial for dropshipping ventures seeking streamlined operations and amplified presence.


Platforms such as Facebook, Google, and TikTok impose restrictions on account multiplicities. Antidetect browsers empower marketers and businesses to bypass these limitations, enabling the creation of multiple accounts for diversified ad campaigns and enhanced affiliate or crowd marketing strategies.


In the digital currency space, Antidetect browsers assist enthusiasts and traders in setting up multiple accounts for activities like participating in airdrops or securing spots in whitelist programs, thus maximizing their engagement and opportunities.


Individuals looking to maintain anonymity in their gambling pursuits find Antidetect browsers invaluable. They allow for the creation of multiple accounts across various bookmakers while safeguarding the user’s true identity.

Web Scraping

Developers and data analysts leverage Antidetect browsers to perform web scraping and self-check tasks securely, ensuring their operations remain uninterrupted and their accounts unsanctioned.


For the gaming community, Antidetect browsers offer a tactical edge. They enable gamers to mask their real locations using varied IP addresses, thus avoiding bans and enhancing their gaming experience.

Go Login Antidetect Browser

GoLogin is a software that helps users protect their privacy and anonymity while browsing the internet. It offers a comprehensive solution for controlling your digital fingerprint, allowing you to create and manage multiple browser profiles without being detected by websites. The platform masks all monitored data and imitates a real internet identity to bypass anti-fraud systems, making it ideal for online marketing and earning, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. The software integrates with Orbita, a secure browser that protects your anonymity and ensures safe browsing. The platform offers a competitive pricing model, intuitive interface, and free proxies. With GoLogin, users can stay anonymous and protected from online tracking and account blocking, making their online activities more secure and convenient.

Go Login Pricing

Get the best anti-detect browser for your business with Gologin's pricing plans


Multilogin is the leading solution for managing multiple accounts effectively. As one of the pioneers in the industry, this Estonian company continues to set the bar high. What sets Multilogin apart from other options is its attempt to fully mimic a fingerprint, rather than just disabling crucial components like Canvas or WebGL. This approach makes it a more trustworthy choice in the eyes of websites.

The data is securely stored on the cloud and can be accessed by up to 10 people, depending on the chosen plan. For added efficiency, developers can use Selenium or Puppeteer to automate the creation of thousands of profiles daily.

Multilogin is trusted by over 15,000 users worldwide and provides 24/7 global support. The product is ideal for agencies, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and crypto businesses that need to securely manage multiple clients or accounts. Multilogin offers two industry-leading stealth browsers, the Mimic Browser and the Stealthfox Browser, both with regularly updated cores for greater undetectability.

Multilogin Pricing

Pricing plans for Multilogin, the industry-leading anti-detect browser


VMLogin is an anti-detect browser that provides a separate virtual environment for browsing profiles, ensuring complete isolation and protection against fingerprinting. With VMLogin, users can manage multiple accounts at the same time for e-commerce, social media marketing, and affiliate advertising purposes.

The browser also offers easy automation through Selenium webdriver or a 3rd party visual automation constructor, making repetitive tasks effortless. Additionally, VMLogin provides business workflow automation, allowing for easy control of team access to browser profiles and smooth account transfers.
VMLogin Browser Subscription Options

Incogniton Antidetect Browser

Incogniton is recognized for its commitment to data privacy and ease of use with multiple profiles. As an anti-detect browser, it offers all the standard features, including the creation of multiple browser profiles in bulk and seamless syncing.

What sets Incogniton apart from other anti-detect browser providers is its free plan – it offers the ability to create up to 10 browser profiles. However, if you require more, upgrading to a larger plan will provide access to automation features, a greater number of profiles, and the ability to use the tool as part of a team.

Incognition Pricing

Incognition Browser Pricing Plans


AdsPower, the Chinese anti-detect browser, has recently gained popularity among marketers as a competent multilogin alternative. The browser, originally aimed at managing e-commerce and social media accounts, became more widely known when its founders translated the app to English.

With AdsPower, managing multiple profiles is made easy through its user-friendly interface. Batch importing of accounts is also possible, making it more convenient for users. In addition, the browser boasts advanced automation features that even non-technical users can utilize. Its RPA recorder, for instance, can automate repetitive tasks such as posting and adding items to cart.

While the free plan of AdsPower only allows two profiles, the paid plan starts at $10 per month for 10 profiles. For larger teams, more expensive plans with more seats are available. Business Manager automation services are also offered as an additional cost.

Adspower Pricing

Adspower offer very custom pricing plans depending on how much profiles you create. It even has a free plan for 2 profiles! Great for testing.
Maximize your online success with Adspower's anti-detect browser pricing plans

MoreLogin Anti-Detect Browser

MoreLogin is an anti-detect browser designed for securely managing multiple accounts across different platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Amazon. The browser creates unique fingerprints for each account, preventing detection or blockage. MoreLogin is suitable for affiliate marketing, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, and social media management. The browser offers a secure environment, efficient teamwork, and flexible package options to cater to user needs.
Pricing can be customized very nicely based on the amoutn of profiles you need.

Dolphin {anty}

Dolphin {Anty} app preview
Dolphin {Anty} app preview
Dolphin{anty} is a popular anti-detect browser that was originally created for affiliate marketing and traffic arbitrage. It has since been adapted to work with cryptocurrency projects such as Coinlist and Huobi. The browser has several advantages over other browsers, including support for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, and MacOS on the M1 chip), a handy proxy and extension manager, and proprietary automation capabilities. Dolphin also features well-thought-out teamwork options, mass management features, and quick support within the browser interface. A lot of built-in functions and a number of options will pleasantly surprise you. The Dolphin{anty} browser is suitable for complex resources such as Google, Facebook, and Coinlist.
➡️ Register now and get 10 profiles for free.

Dolphin Browser Pricing

Dolphin Browser Pricing Plans

MuLogin Browser

MuLogin is an antidetect browser that helps users manage multiple cross-border e-commerce platforms, social media, and advertising accounts simultaneously. It creates multiple unique fingerprint browsers, isolating browser profiles, cookies, local storage, and other cache files to achieve secure multi-account login without detection. MuLogin also offers browser automation, teamwork, and professional technical support. The browser has various use cases, including affiliate marketing, brand protection, e-commerce, ad verification, and social media marketing. It aims to improve work efficiency and ensure the security of accounts.


BitBrowser, developed by HongKong Bit-Internet Technology Limited, is a unique tool designed to revolutionize the way cross-border e-commerce operates. It offers a multitude of features including multiple account management, anti-association between browsers, efficient teamwork, and independent proxy IP support. Additionally, it provides social media automation, group control synchronization, proxy IP recommendation, a Google Extension Center, a script market, local API, and RPA automation. With its focus on security, efficiency, and convenience, BitBrowser is a comprehensive solution for managing multiple accounts across various platforms, preventing account association, and improving teamwork efficiency, making it an invaluable asset for any cross-border e-commerce operation.

BitBrowser Pricing

BitBrowser Pricing

Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is a well-known anti-detect browser that’s built on Chromium. It’s designed to make life easier for social media managers, testers, and designers. In addition to providing a powerful anti-detect browser, Ghost Browser also offers a comprehensive workspace that’s similar to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. This workspace includes features such as folders, bookmarks, history, downloads, and settings, making it ideal for marketing agencies that work with multiple clients and products.

Ghost Browser Pricing

Indigo Browser

The Indigo Browser is a tool designed for traffic arbitrage, created for arbitrageurs and based on Multilogin. It has isolated servers from the main Multilogin servers and its technical support is staffed by experienced professionals who have worked successfully with Facebook and AdWords. Additionally, it is the only anti-detection browser that has Russian support. The main disadvantage of Indigo is its expensive price, making it a better option for teams rather than individual users.

Indigo Browser Pricing

Indigo Browser Pricing Options is an anti-detection browser that provides multi-accounting capabilities. It’s base plan offers users the ability to manage an unlimited number of virtual browser profiles and work with thousands of separated profiles using a single device. This allows each profile to be identified as a unique user for internet platforms and social networks.

The browser also has the ability to install extensions, substitute fingerprints and work with proxies, and supports third-party software for working with VPN and proxy. It has a local API that allows for automation and management of profiles, and users can store profiles locally, in the cloud, or on their own server.

The browser is suitable for use in various industries such as social media, traffic arbitrage, e-commerce, online betting, and ticket resale. It is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 and above, and macOS. Subscription Plans

Octo Browser

Octo Browser is an antidetect browser designed for multi-accounting tasks, allowing you to create and manage an unlimited number of accounts on different services such as Amazon, Facebook, TikTok, Google, and more. It helps automate work and protects your anonymity by controlling all fingerprintable properties within the browser code. Octo Browser is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux, and passes fingerprinting tests on popular checkers. It also has features such as proxy support, API automation, profile creation and transfer, and more. The number of profiles is limited only by the resources of your device and there is no setup required, with profiles being easily created with just one click. Quick and professional support is also provided.
Octo Browser Subscription Options

Marketer Browser

MarketerBrowser is a software solution for online marketers that helps manage multiple accounts on the same website and promote their content safely and efficiently. It features a dashboard that allows users to log into multiple accounts and run multiple tabs, assigning different proxies and user agents to each tab. The browser also uses AI anti-fingerprint technology to encrypt user data in the cloud and protect privacy. MarketerBrowser can automate browsing operations, save and re-check submitted data, and separate browsing environments. It offers cutting-edge anti-fingerprint technology to protect users from being tracked online and allows them to bind multiple proxies and user agents to their accounts. The browser also comes with a cloud storage solution for remote access and management of data, and a browsing history management system. It has been tested on Windows and MacBook with Windows VM and is compatible with screen resolutions larger than 1024x768px. The browser is designed to offer maximum safety and protection for internet marketers, as well as increased flexibility and efficiency in managing multiple accounts.
Marketer Browser Pricing Plans

Hidemyacc Antidetect Browser

Hidemyacc is an anti-detect browser software that allows users to create multiple different profiles and run them simultaneously from one computer. It is designed for people who are involved in e-commerce, marketing, crypto, gambling, developers, and other online activities. The software integrates with other tools to improve work efficiency and offers high security, fast performance, fingerprint protection, and automation features. The software is built on two browser sources, Chromium and Firefox, and is updated regularly to maintain the highest level of security. Hidemyacc offers a 7-day free trial and has a team of experienced customer care to provide quick support.
HideMyAcc Browser Subscription Options

Elevate your marketing efforts

Combining the use of anti-detect browsers and proxies is a powerful tool for improving your marketing efforts while also protecting your privacy. With the ability to mask your online location and identity, you can easily create multiple accounts and perform various marketing initiatives without the risk of being tracked or monitored. This not only ensures your privacy remains protected, but also provides you with the calmness of mind to perform your marketing efforts without any interference or limitations. By choosing a reputable proxy service provider that is transparent about their proxy acquisition processes, you can be confident in the reliability and security of your online presence, making it a great way to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Exploring the Grey Area: Ethics in Antidetect Browsers

The use of anti-detect browsers can sometimes fall into a grey-hat area when it comes to ethics and legality. While anti-detect browsers can be used for legitimate purposes, such as for security and privacy, they can also be used for malicious or unethical activities. For example, they can be used to bypass restrictions on platforms like e-commerce websites, social media platforms, or online gambling sites, allowing users to create multiple fake accounts, scrape data, or cheat the system. This can harm the platform or other users and may be considered unethical or even illegal.

However, the legality of anti-detect browsers and their uses can vary by jurisdiction, making it difficult to definitively determine if they are legal or illegal. In some cases, the line between ethical and unethical use of anti-detect browsers can be unclear, hence the term “grey-hat.” It is important for users to be aware of the potential risks and consequences of using anti-detect browsers and to make informed decisions about their use.


No matter where you browse on the web, be aware that your activities are being tracked, monitored, and possibly recorded, with your data being stored for future reference. This invasion of privacy or interference with work is a major concern for many people. Fortunately, you can easily avoid these issues by using the right tools, such as solid proxies or anti-detect browsers, that ensure your anonymity and privacy while conducting your marketing campaigns.