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Premier 4G LTE mobile proxy solutions

Coronium 4G LTE mobile proxies come straight from physical modems with SIM cards in it, and is the cleanest proxy connection that will bypass all needed IP trust detection systems with a 100% trust score.

Coronium 4G Mobile Proxies


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eBay and PayPal Stealth Account Creation Guide

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Proxy Country Monthly Price Weekly Price 24 Hour Test
Lithuania $50 $20 $5
England $95 $30 $10
United States Coming soon! Coming soon! Coming soon!

What makes 4G mobile proxies better than any other kind of proxies?

Because you can switch to a new IP anytime you need one. And it comes from a huge pool of fresh IP’s that’s being used by real people on their phones. One subscription can be enough to create 50 stealth eBay or PayPal accounts. It can also be used to run 30 social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. The possibilities are endless! Whatever your creative mind comes up with – our friendly customer support team will always give you advice and help with all the technicalities.


Social Media

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google and everything else. Social media sites love our IP’s because millions of other people use same exact IP addresses to log in to their social media profiles. You’ll be able to avoid bans and manage your accounts properly.

SEO, Competitor Research, or Web Scraping

Thanks to our reputable and biggest ISP providers from the countries we serve, you’ll be able to scrape the web and do your competitive analysis without any blocks or limitations.

Account Creation

eBay, PayPal, Amazon – you name it. The same type of internet connection is used by hundreds of thousands of other real users who log in to various online services everyday which makes you look clean.


RAW 4G LTE connection mobile proxies

We provide you with raw IP addresses that comes straight from SIM cards. You’re literally renting a physical modem located in one of our secure locations that is dedicated just for you.

Customer Support

We’re here 7 days a week and reply to all your inquiries in a timely manner.

No Restrictions

No restricted websites as long as you don’t use it for fraudlent purposes.

Fast speeds

We don’t place more than 20 devices in one place, that’s why the connection doesn’t get overloaded.

Custom IP Rotation

API reset link, reset button, and custom rotation interval settings inside the dashboard.

Dedicated SIM card for each Proxy

Each IP address receives a dedicated SIM card and it’s not shared with nobody else.

Unlimited Data

We have enterprise level unlimited data contracts with the mobile carriers.

The IP’s are spreaded all  over Lithuania (Tier 1 country)

I personally have better results when running my Amazon/eBay/Google ads accounts on Lithuanian IP’s (which are coming soon) instead on USA or UK. Lithuania is tier 1 country and the IP’s are not yet so abused by various black-hat activities so maybe that’s why I’m getting those good results.

We offer 100% unlimited data.

Up to 12Mbps

Up to 24 hours within payment received. Usually instant.

Yes, it’s clean mobile 4G internet connection that comes from SIM cards.

We recommend 5-10 accounts at the same time. But you can run up to 30 accounts easily if you switch the timing and make sure they all run on seperate time.

We don’t have limits for that, but keep in mind that our proxies are not meant to be used for running 100 threads on ScrapeBox, there are lower quality proxies for that. Our proxies are best suited for places where you need to look as a real person (eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Google ads, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn…)

There’s on limit on how much IP’s you can get. After each reset you get a brand new IP from around 65k IP pool. You can set it to auto-rotate on a custom interval (for example each 120 seconds). Or you can leave it static and reach out to us when you want to change it.

We are going to have platform where you can do it real-time by yourself soon.

If your software product works with SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxies then it is completely compatible with our service. Usually most of the software nowadays are compatible with these two protocols.