Premium 4G LTE mobile proxies for all your digital marketing needs

Coronium 4G IPs are super clean and recognized as tier 1 traffic all around the world. Unlike most of the IPs from other popular 4G service provider countries, Coronium IP addresses haven’t been abused by spam, carding & other black hat activities, that’s why they are perfect for all your needs.
Coronium 4G LTE Mobile Proxy Crown

Coronium 4G Mobile Proxies

  • 0% Risk of getting banned because of the proxy.
  • Exact same connection that is used by real users.
  • Social Media platforms think that you're real user connecting through mobile.
  • Improves your trust score.
  • Change IP whenever you need.
  • Clean, not abused IP addresses from premium mobile carriers.
Man Using 4G LTE Mobile Proxies

What makes 4G mobile proxies better than any other kind of proxies?

Let’s take social media as an example, but this can also apply to other use cases. With 4G LTE mobile proxies you can run 10 accounts or even more. That’s because each time real user connects to a 4G network they receive a randomly assigned ip address, which might have already been used by other user. Social media platforms are aware of this and thus they whitelist 4G mobile IP’s so that they wouldn’t ban real users.


No Restrictions

No Restrictions

No restricted websites as long as you don’t use it for fraudlent purposes.
Rotating IP's

Custom IP Rotation

Set custom IP rotation time, or just ping us to change it whenever you need to.

Fast speeds

We don’t place more than 20 devices in one place, that’s why the connection doesn’t get overloaded.
4G LTE Mobile Proxy Modem

Dedicated Modem for Each IP

Each IP address receives a dedicated SIM card and it’s not shared with nobody else.
Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data

We have enterprise level unlimited data contracts with the mobile carriers.
Customer Service

Fast Customer Support

We’re here 7 days a week and reply to all your inquiries in a timely manner.


Premium USA Mobile Carriers like Sprint, Cricket or AT&T

1 Day: $5

Daily subscription or one time payment (For testing)
Premium USA Mobile Carriers like Sprint, Cricket or AT&T

1 Week: $30

Weekly subscription or one time payment
Premium USA Mobile Carriers like Sprint, Cricket or AT&T

1 Month: $110

Monthly subscription or one time payment

The IP’s are spreaded all over United States and Lithuania, but in reality the location doesn’t really matter so much.

I personally have better results when running my Amazon/eBay/Google ads accounts on Lithuanian IP’s (which are coming soon) instead on USA or UK. Lithuania is tier 1 country and the IP’s are not yet so abused by various black-hat activities so maybe that’s why I’m getting those good results.

We offer 100% unlimited data.

Up to 12Mbps

Up to 24 hours within payment received. Usually instant.

Yes, it’s clean mobile 4G internet connection that comes from SIM cards.

We recommend 5-10 accounts at the same time. But you can run up to 30 accounts easily if you switch the timing and make sure they all run on seperate time.

We don’t have limits for that, but keep in mind that our proxies are not meant to be used for running 100 threads on ScrapeBox, there are lower quality proxies for that. Our proxies are best suited for places where you need to look as a real person (eBay, Instagram, Amazon, Google ads, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn…)

There’s on limit on how much IP’s you can get. After each reset you get a brand new IP from around 65k IP pool. You can set it to auto-rotate on a custom interval (for example each 120 seconds). Or you can leave it static and reach out to us when you want to change it.

We are going to have platform where you can do it real-time by yourself soon.

If your software product works with SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxies then it is completely compatible with our service. Usually most of the software nowadays are compatible with these two protocols.

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