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MuLogin Anti-detect Browser: A Comprehensive Feature Review

Video explaining you how to use Coronium 4G mobile proxies with GoLogin browser. (Any other proxies work the same way)

MuLogin Antidetect Browser Introduction

In today’s digital landscape, maintaining the security and privacy of your online accounts is more important than ever. MuLogin Anti-detect Browser offers a powerful solution for managing multiple business accounts safely and efficiently. In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of MuLogin’s features, focusing on its various functions, use cases, and collaborative capabilities.

Main Mu Login features

All MuLogin Features in-depth

Multiple Platforms and Accounts Management

MuLogin utilizes virtual browser technology to enable users to log in and manage multiple accounts across different platforms, such as e-commerce, social media, and advertising, simultaneously. This approach ensures safe, fast, and convenient access without restrictions.

Separated Browser Environment

Users can create multiple unique fingerprint browsers with MuLogin, ensuring complete isolation of each browser’s fingerprint environment, cookies, local storage, and cache files. This feature prevents information leakage between profiles and allows for secure multi-account login without detection.

Simple Browser Automation

MuLogin offers automation capabilities for repetitive tasks through a series of Local API or Selenium and Puppeteer for Mimic. This functionality simplifies browser automation and enhances efficiency.

Multi-user Collaboration and Efficiency

MuLogin supports teamwork by allowing the creation of sub-accounts and sharing browser profiles and fingerprints with team members. This feature facilitates multi-user collaboration and password-free login, resulting in increased efficiency..

Integration with Mainstream Proxy IP

MuLogin can be configured with proxy IP support without being detected. Supported proxy types include HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and IPv6.

MuLogin is suitable for various applications


MuLogin Anti-detect Browser offers a comprehensive solution for managing multiple business accounts securely and efficiently across various platforms. With its unique features, collaborative capabilities, and innovative approach to browser fingerprinting, MuLogin ensures both privacy and productivity in the digital world. Try MuLogin today and experience the benefits firsthand.


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