Coronium Cloud Enterprise Solutions

Set up your own 4G mobile proxy farm and generate unlimited amount of proxies. Whether you’re a big company using a lot of proxies and looking to tremendously save money or just someone who would like to start making a lot of money just by selling proxies you’re in the right place.

How does it work?

After hundreds of hours of rigorous testing & work, the Coronium Cloud team has come up with the most scalable, economical, and cheapest solution to create your own 4G mobile proxies.

1. Hardware & The Foundation.

You will be provided with complete guidance in an easy step-by-step format guide and live consulting

2. Setting up the hardware.

It’s really easy to set everything up. Especially when you have a dedicated Coronium Cloud representative to guide you through all the process with Video and Call support if needed.

3. Setting up the software.

This is where the magic happens and you finally see the results. A proxy that is ready to use for any purpose you imagine. You will be able to easily manage it all from our dashboard with the account you setup.


Currently we offer 2 plans for different needs.
For companies or individuals looking to use the proxies for personal purposes.

Personal proxy use

If you’re a business that is using more than 10 proxies a month, by creating your own proxies you can save up to 60% of what you’re currently spending on proxies.
For companies or individuals looking to start selling their own proxies. franchise

If you’re looking for a great way to start offering your own proxies to customers, our re-seller plan is perfect. Earn up to $50 profits per proxy – start with 20 ports and quickly grow your passive income.