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What is a 4G mobile proxy?

Custom IP Rotations

Introduction to 4G mobile proxies and where they come from

Mobile proxies operates as a middleman, providing a mobile IP address to a device. The user’s internet connection appears to come from a 4G mobile data network, just like you’d be connecting to a 4G or 5G personal hotspot you share on your phone.

While the concept may seem similar to residential proxies, the technical infrastructure of a mobile data network is entirely different. It comes from 3G, 4G, or 5G mobile internet that we all use on our phones daily. See mobile IP network infographic below:

What makes a good 4G mobile proxy?

This infographic chart explains how a mobile proxy user connects to the internet

Where 4G mobile proxies usually come from?

It’s important to note that the term “mobile proxy” refers to the usage of a mobile network’s IP address and not necessarily the device is a mobile phone or any other portable device. See some photos below of where mobile proxies can come from. Mobile proxy can come from:
Also, there can be many cases that a mobile device such as a smartphone will not possess a mobile IP if connected to a residential network, for example, when it’s connected to a WiFi.
a 4G dongle that shares 4G mobile internet
a regular phone that provides 3G, 4G or 5G mobile internet

How 4G mobile proxies are different from other proxies?

We outline this topic very clearly in our other article, you can read it here:
But to summarize it for you: Mobile proxies are the cleanest connection available nowadays, and there is one apparent and logical reason for it:

Due to the architecture of mobile data networks, IP addresses are not allocated uniquely to each device. This means that during periods of high demand, the same IP address may be given to multiple mobile devices – potentially hundreds depending on the mobile network.

This is because of the IPv4 shortage. Carrier-Grade NAT technology (CGNAT) is used to address this issue.
Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) is a network technology used by internet service providers, such as Belong, for the purpose of sharing a single public IP address among multiple subscribers. This allows the customers to access the internet without any interruption in service. CGNAT is a cost-effective way for ISPs to manage their IP addresses while still providing reliable service to their customers.

Best use cases for mobile proxies

Account Creation

Mobile proxies are very popular for account creation use case. It’s because the IPs are used daily by real people on most of the platforms like eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Account Management

It can be easily used to run multiple social media accounts. If you’re a big agency or looking to build a huge network of social media accounts – these proxies are definitely a good choice for it.

Web Scraping

Mobile proxies are perfect for collecting data from websites. Websites will not block your requests with captchas and other anti-frauds because you’ll look like a real user connecting from mobile IP.

How do Facebook, Google, and all other platforms see mobile proxies?

The thing is, all these platforms are aware of the underlying technology, and that’s why the IPs are “whitelisted”

Also, another very important reason why the IPs are so clean is that people regularly use these IPs for various online activities, like browsing on the internet, scrolling on Instagram, making purchases, accessing banks, and so on. 4G mobile proxies marketplace is a leading 4G mobile proxies marketplace and provides proxies from all around the world. Our mobile proxy infrastructure is fully managed by our team. This allow us for complete control and assurance that our proxies are always up to highest standard.


In conclusion, mobile proxies are the cleanest connection available in the market today due to the architecture of the mobile data network, which allows IP addresses to be shared across multiple users. This is made possible by Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) technology, which helps to manage IP addresses while still providing reliable service. Furthermore, the IP addresses provided by mobile proxies are whitelisted, making them more secure and reliable for online activities. Mobile proxies are a great way to ensure that your activities remain secure and anonymous online.


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