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How to create Facebook stealh account: Complete guide

This is it, your Facebook ad account got disabled, worst part is that you lose all the data you paid for, but hey, it is what it is.

If you truly know that you did not break any Facebook rules, first advice I’d give is not to give up on appealing. Sometimes it takes up to 10 appeals to successfully re-enable your account, you just have to be very polite and explain the business you’re doing. Hopefully a real Facebook employee reads it and re-enables your account.

But in case your account got disabled because your broke some rules or they just wont re-enable it, here’s a short guide how to start a new one and get back to advertising ASAP.

1. An aged Facebook account

The first step is to get a 6-12 month aged account that comes with browser cookies, friends and some minor activity. Preferably you want to get one that was created in your country. But if that’s not available, don’t worry, you can get any other popular country.

You can visit or just google to find good account sellers.

Some accounts come with cookies and they have even created their own Chrome extension to import them.

2. A fresh IP address

If you were able to find an account that was created in your country you can just use your phone’s personal hotspot for that.

Whenever you’re about to login to your account using your phone’s personal hotspot just turn airplane mode for 10 seconds and then turn it off. This will give you a brand new IP address. I would suggest to double check that using

If the account is not from your country, you should look for static residential proxy in the account location. Google to find some providers or just contact us for help on this one. 😉

3. Creating a new PC user or using anti-detect browser

New PC user

You don’t want to link your account to old one. One solution is to create a new PC user to manage the new account and keep everything organized. But that is pretty risky, as it still can link you. If you don’t have big budget to spend on anti-detect browser like Multilogin or GoLogin, this is “budget solution”

Depending on what kind of OS you use you should easily find how to do that by going to system settings. For Windows 10 just type “Users” in the START search bar and a tab will open where you can add new user.

Login to the new user and pick a browser that you’ll always use, import the account cookies to the browser (Instructions come when you buy the account) and always use the same browser for managing the account.

Each time you log in to the account double check if you’re connected to your personal hotspot for fresh IP address.

Antidetect Browser

The best solution is to get yourself a great Antidetect browser. Like Multilogin or Gologin.

These are powerful tools that will allow you to manage multiple accounts in one place. They also easily allow you to integrate with proxies, so you are SURE that all your accounts are properly seperated.

4. A new payment method

Obviously you don’t want to use the same method, because that’s how Facebook can link you to your old account. If you don’t have any other cards that you never used for Facebook ads, I’d recommend looking in to some of the mobile banks like They usually provide you with virtual cards where you can create multiple of those and use it for your stealth accounts.

Don’t forget to change the billing address for the card. You cannot use the same one like on the disabled account.

You can also try buying a prepaid card if you have those in your country or asking your close friends or relatives to use their card. 💳

In case you need a Virtual Credit Card service our new partners FlexCard can offer you VCC’s for Facebook Ads. It will work perfectly and you can reload it anytime! Visit article in the link below to get great discounts and learn more about the service:

5. A good warmup session

We can’t just rush and create business manager right away, the account you just bought might not be used for months. 

I always suggest that for the first 4 days you do not create a business manager account. What you do instead is just surf on Facebook, like a few pictures, randomly text people on your friends list, maybe even create a post with a random nature picture.

On day 3 create a business page.

On day 4 create a business manager account and start setting up your ad account. Act naturally and start with a small budget.

This might be tedious because you want to get back to running your ads ASAP, but I highly suggest to follow this warm up process, it will make your account stronger.

If you are a serious media buyer and are spending big bucks on ads I would suggest to start warming up few more additional accounts just in case.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about stealth accounting or want to inquire about our proxy service.