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Create 4G proxies

Socinator and Coronium 4G mobile proxies: Usage Guide

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Nowadays social media marketers and influencers can ease off their job by using social media automatisation bots. If you run multiple Instagram accounts a tool like Socinator can help you to schedule posts, reply to your customers, send welcome messages, like posts and comments thus engaging with your audience.

It will allow you to manage several social media platform accounts in one app: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, Reddit.

Socinator will allow you to increase your reach and grow your account quickly – and the most beautiful thing is that it’s in one application!

Running several accounts most of the time requires different IP addresses. Our 4G mobile proxies are perfect for this use because they come from real SIM cards. For best results – run 3 accounts per 1 proxy.

How to use our proxies with Socinator?

  1. To add single accounts in Socinator, you must go to the “Accounts Manager”
  2. Select “Add Single Account”
  3. Fill in account details: Group Name, Email ID, Password.
  4. Fill in the proxy connection IP address: and proxy port: 8001
  5. Fill in the proxy credentials: Username and Password as shown in our dashboard
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Check account status to know if it’s a success.

Why use our 4G mobile proxies with Socinator?

Nowadays, the social media platforms that are mentioned above have very strict anti-cheating policies and algorithms that can detect botting and thus ban your account.

There are several reasons you might need to use proxies with it:

Managing multiple accounts – if you run 10 accounts on the same IP, it will probably get banned sooner or later due to too many actions performed and botting activity being detected. You can avoid this by using proxies. 1 proxy for 3 accounts is the safest way to go.

To reach your target audience Geo. If all your main customers come from the USA, you want your content to be seen by them, that’s why you might need the account to run on a United States IP address so that your posts and stories would rank higher for USA audience.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about stealth accounting or want to inquire about our proxy service.