Coronium Cloud - The simple cloud.

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Coronium Cloud

Easily create Lua cloud modules for your Corona® SDK applications and games,
adding cloud functionality like analytics, data objects, user management, push, uploads, email, and more, using an incredibly simple Lua based API and client.

Deploy Coronium as a free Amazon EC2 instance or Ubuntu 14.04 install now.

Coronium Cloud - The simple cloud.
Shape your cloud server using a pleasantly easy Lua API.
Your data, your statistics.
No quotas, no subscriptions.
Built on open source technologies like Nginx, MongoDB, Lua.

Cloud Lua. Simple and powerful.

table.insert( my_cloud, "simple" )

Data Objects. Just set it and it's done.

coronium.mongo:createObject( "car", { speed = "Fast" })

Users. Manage your user base.

coronium:registerUser( { username = "Jen", password = "1234" } )

Push. Keeping users up to date. User, message )

Analytics. Custom event tracking.

coronium:addEvent( "Scene", "more-games" )

Network. Connect to any API. ",TX" )

MySQL. Simple to use MySQL.

coronium.mysql.query( { database = "mydb" }, "SELECT * FROM table" )

Email. Send HTML Messages. plain, html, options )

Jobs. Recurring Tasks.

coronium.job.once( 300, "lua_file" )

Templates. Easy Dynamic Content.

coronium.template.render( tpl_file, tpl_variables_tbl )

Files. Upload and storage.

coronium:upload( { filename = "file.png" } )

Coronium Supporters

A big thank you to all who have donated towards the projects, it's very appreciated!