How To Create Stealth PayPal and eBay Accounts

In this guide, I will show you how you can easily create PayPal and eBay stealth accounts to successfully sell on the marketplace. 

We run multiple eBay accounts with great success. We use Lithuanian IP addresses and profiles and I think it makes things way easier. Yes, you might get limited at some point but if you do everything right and don’t raise too many red flags you will be able to successfully lift the suspension and it will make your accounts only stronger. 

Why Lithuania?

The country IP addresses are not abused. Making documents for your stealth profiles is very easy. In addition to that, we tested many countries and found the greatest success with this one.


  1. The Foundation
  2. Creating Accounts
  3. Card Verifications
  4. Warming Up & Document Verifications

1. The Foundation

For your long term success, we have to set the correct foundation for the accounts. The main things to take into consideration are:

• Clean IP address

• Creating and managing account on the same browser (Stacking cookies)

• Warm-up

The IP address can and probably will change if you’re going to use our 4G LTE proxies (best success rate)  for the account management, but that doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you always use the same ISP (Internet Service Provider).

I personally manage my eBay accounts by creating different users on my laptop. No virtualization techniques (Multilogin, Virtual Machines, or whatever) will match a real PC and browser. You will look real that way, and there are many same laptops in the world that have the same user agent. In addition to that, it’s very convenient to have all that on one system.

Warming up the account is also an important step. I would advise you to create several accounts each week and just stack them up. Start now and you’ll have a lot of accounts at your disposal. The longer the account is aged, the stronger it gets. But if you need to start selling fast, one week – two weeks should be enough. You’ll just need to verify the account by sending documents at some point, but that will only make your account stronger if you do everything correctly.

2. Creating Accounts

Create a new user, and pick a browser. Disable WebRTC on it. Chrome and Edge has a plugin you can download called “WebRTC Control” and Firefox you just go to about:config page and find media.peerconnection and click on it 2 times so that it would become disabled.

Configure your proxy settings via the browser options page. Or just configure it globally via Windows settings. Just click start and type in “Proxy Settings” in your Windows search bar and enter all the credentials for the proxy, when you go to the browser it should pop up to enter User:Pass. Double-check that everything is fine on

Now just go to and and create the account using random credentials. 

Lithuanian names:

Lithuanian surnames:

Address: Don’t use random address generators. They literally generate random addresses that don’t exist. Just go to google maps, find Lithuanian country and find a real address with a building that looks like someone would live there. (Now you know where that little country is located!)

Phone Number: You can find a lot of these service providers on the internet. Here’s one that looks pretty reliable to me:

3. Card Verification

I would say that this is the hardest step, getting a card to verify the account.

I use mobile banks to spawn virtual cards. A real good one is Revolut and and I think that they are pretty global so you should be able to create an account. Here’s a list of mobile banks you can look in to and see if they are available in your country:

Revolut, Monese, Bunq,

Worst case scenario – you can find a lot of VCC sellers that will provide you with a card to verify your PayPal account. Just type in “VCC Seller” in google and do your research of the most reliable one.

You can also find a lot of eBay and PayPal related service providers in this forum link right here –

3. Warming up & Document Verification

The last step is to give the account some time for warm-up. Just stack up accounts in your folder and wait a week or two for them to be a little bit stronger.

Log in to the accounts once in a while, like 4-5 times a week. Do some activities like just surfing, browsing eBay. 

Come up with some questions and contact eBay support via chat or phone. For example:

Do I need to verify my account before I start selling?

What are the fees for selling?

Can I sell item X?

Whatever you come up with, even if it’s dumb.

If you use your own bank prepaid card, purchase a dumb, cheap item using the same PayPal you have created.

Document Verification

Find a reliable seller who can provide you with an ID and billing address verification document. You can contact us and we’ll recommend a good one.

Don’t be afraid of the limits. If your eBay gets limited, just call them up and speak to a representative, they usually reinstate the accounts fairly quickly that way. You are a real person with documents, you have nothing to fear!!!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about stealth accounting or want to inquire about our proxy service.